Independent Jewellery Valuer & Gemmologist

I am able to offer a comprehensive and independent professional jewellery and watch valuation service direct to members of the public in the London, Essex, and Kent areas.

My aim is to make your consultation as easy and stress free as possible. All I require is a work surface, such as a table, to work at and a power source for my equipment.

More about me

About W. R. Huddy

Rupert has been associated with the jewellery trade for over 40 years. He studied Silversmithing and Allied Crafts at Sir John Cass College of Art, London, in 1976 and then worked in the family jewellery business for 25 years progressing to manager, dealing with all the second hand purchases and refurbishment of jewellery and silverware in their own in-house workshop.

Rupert added to his extensive knowledge whilst working in the repair/replacement department of a large jewellery insurance provider for five years and then for the Guild of Valuers & Jewellers, where he visited retail shops and clients' homes to value their items of jewellery and silverware.


Valuations for insurance

The vast majority of valutions carried out by independent jewellery valuers are for insurance purposes. This type of valution is compiled on the basis of what a broadly similar article will cost to replace in the unfortunate event of loss or damage. The figures represent average retails price in the usual, local market.

Valuations for Probate

A valuation of jewellery and other valuables for probate purposes may be required upon the death of the owner, in order to be submitted to legal representatives winding up the estate. Possible liability for death duties may ensue.

The values stated represent much lower values than for an insurance valuation, and are based upon an open market assessment of their worth at the time of death. The cost for this is again usually based on a per item charge and is usually less per item than an Insurance valuation. The schedule will, typically, contain less descriptive detail.

Private Sale

This type of valuation applies where one wishes to sell an article of value to an individual privately, and needs to know what is a reasonable price to ask for it. The willing buyer/willing seller situation requires me to take into account many factors affecting value, but ultimately providing a figure that is reasonable to both parties in the equation.

Divorce/Family Division

I will be able to help in these stressful times by undertaking a valuation, assessing the worth of the couple’s assets for consideration by the Court.

Other Valuations

I may also be able to help you with valuations for Capital Gains Tax purposes or for Disposal, if you wish to sell the goods; indeed, if you require advice for a special reason, please feel free to discuss the requirements with me.


For Insurance valuations

The fee is usually based on a per-item charge or a time-based fee. For example, the first item would be £75.00. Second and subsequent items will be at £35.00 each. However, if there are more than ten items to be valued then the fee will be reduced. For example; if 20 items are to be valued that would be around £640 not £740.

Post loss assessments

These are usually charged on a fixed fee basis or according to the time spent on them for more substantial cases. I will be happy to discuss the fees with you.

Probate Valuation

This has a fixed fee of £120.00 for up to 6 items, then £20 per item after that. An example of a typical probate valuation would have about 20 items of jewellery. Costume jewellery can often be defined as one item, as they could have a relatively low market value. I will always discuss my fees before any work has been commenced, so there are no 'surprises'.

Private Sale

The charge for this type of valuation is relevant to the item(s) but for guidance a minimum fee of £75 would be charged.

Divorce/Family Division

This class of valuation is similar to a probate valuation fee.

Other Valuations

I may also be able to help you with valuations for Capital Gains Tax purposes or for disposal if you wish to sell the goods; indeed, if you require advice for a special reason, please feel free to discuss the requirements with me.

Customer Questions

  • Q: I have found a local jeweller who will do a valuation for less than you are charging, why should I pay more?

    The problem is, anybody can carry out a valuation on jewellery whether they have some knowledge on the subject or not. Insurance companies will, and do, dismiss valuations not carried out to the industry standard.

    Unfortunately this only comes to light when making a claim and by then it is too late to redress the matter.

  • Q: How long do valuations take?

    It is fair to allow approximately 1 hour for 4 items, therefore 8 items will be 2 hours and so on. However, a single item will always be around half an hour.

  • Q: I don't want to insure my jewellery I just want to know what it's worth.

    A valuation has to be written for a specific purpose. "What it's worth" can mean different things to different people in different circumstances. Unless you have another reason in mind, what you probably want is an insurance valuation which will give the current retail replacement value.

    If you are thinking of selling jewellery, then obtaining an offer from a retailer or getting an auctioneer's estimate is usually free. I can carry out an "Open Market" valuation for those who prefer to have expert guidance on the worth of jewellery without going down this route.

  • Q: The antiques road-show and some auction houses do valuations for free so why do I have to pay?

    A valuation must be in writing to mean anything. I research, I measure, I weigh, I calculate, and I use instruments to arrive at a sensible value. I then produce a document and sign it. All this needs considerable investment in terms of experience, equipment and training so I have to charge a professional fee.

  • Q: When should I get my valuation re-done?

    I recommend that valuations are checked every three years or so. It is quite possible there has not been much change, but variations in exchange rates and prices of raw materials can have a dramatic effect, as we have seen recently.

  • Q: I want to sell my jewellery and I want a certificate which proves it's worth what I'm asking

    A valuation has to be addressed to a person or persons. I cannot undertake "to whom it may concern" valuations. A valuation for open market sale would be addressed to the seller only and is in the form of confidential advice. It cannot be used as "proof" of value to a third, unknown party.